The well-established foreign clientele in Monaco and the surrounding area retains a taste for the classical style of centuries past.

This has enabled Monte-Carlo Auction House to achieve outstanding results for antique furniture and sculpture, in a world where the current, transgenerational lifestyle favours modern art.

A few examples include:
Several sales in excess of €100,000 of late-seventeenth century pieces of furniture by Grenoble cabinetmaker Thomas Hache. The Hache cabinet commissioned by the Marquis of Mirabeau, which had remained with the family in Aix-en-Provence since it was first made, was purchased by a major French captain of industry for €160,000. A pair of inlaid Italian chests of drawers from the late eighteenth century fetched €170,000 at auction.

Another speciality of the department is sculpture and the auction of an “idealised bust” in marble by Antonio Canova (1757–1822), from a Swiss collection, for €2 million set a world record.



Armoire Thomas HACHE

Biographie Richement marquetée, en façade et sur les côtés, de rinceaux feuillagés et fleuris, de branches d’aubépine, rubans, couronne comtale, cartouches, fleurs au naturel et

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