The Monte-Carlo Auction House

Establishment and radiance

The purpose of the Monte-Carlo Auction House (Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo) is to offer an art appraisal and permanent auctioning service not limited to Monaco and the Monaco area. Its reach will be magnified by representatives in Paris, Geneva, Bruxelles, Milan as well as associates in Los Angeles, New York, Beyrouth and Singapore. The founders of the Monte-Carlo Auction House are Franck Baille and Chantal Beauvois. Franck Baille is an Court licensed expert, co-owner of a Paris auction house, author and co-author of several art books. Chantal Beauvois is a Court licensed gemologist, precious stones and jewelry expert working with licensed auctioneers and auction houses. She has worked 18 years in the Jewelry department of the Tajan Auction house.

Eclecticism and discretion

The Monte-Carlo Auction House (Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo) is using a large network of experts with wide ranging specialties such as ancient and modern paintings, sculpture, furniture and art objects, jewelry and watches, design and wine, goldsmithery, fashion and vintage. The Monte-Carlo Auction House is attentive to its clients and offers free confidential price estimates whether for the purpose of selling, insuring or for an inventory. The former foundry of Monaco will also host private and public events, exhibitions, thematic evenings... to liven up the year alongside our auctions. The Monte-Carlo Auction House is a space dedicated to Art and meeting like-minded people.

Who are we ?

Chantal Beauvois

A graduate of the National Institute of Gemology. Bachelor in History - Bachelor in Art History. Court and Court of Appeal licensed Expert . Member of the Professional Chamber of Experts in Monaco. Floor member with the Crédit Mobilier de Monaco - Mont de Piété. Expert for the jewelry department of the Tajan Auction House in Paris from 1992 to 2011. Licensed by insurance companies.

Chantal Beauvois, independant expert having worked with auctioneer offices and auction houses, especially in Paris with Jacques Tajan's auctioneer office since 1994, then with the Tajan Auction House particularly for their Paris, Geneva, Gstaad and Monaco Auctions

Franck Baille

Managing an auction house in Paris-Drouot since 2006. Court and Appeal Court Licensed Expert in partnership with Chantal Beauvois, Gemologist. From 1992 to 2004 Expert in XIX Century, impressionist and modern paintings for Jacques Tajan in Paris.

Author of publications:
A Aix autour de Cézanne. 2005
Jean-Baptiste OLIVE 1948-1936, Monographie et Catalogue Raisonné. 2008
Félix ZIEM 1821-1911 voyages, impressions et paradoxes. Catalogue de l'exposition musée des Beaux-arts de Beaune nov. 2011- feb. 2012